Deadline Extended, New Email, and Updates

Hello everyone! First, I hope everyone’s semester has started smoothly and safely as we face a new phase in the COVID-19 pandemic. As much as we would love to host everyone live in New York, the spread of the Delta variant has made our decision to stay online for this fall’s conference feel like the correct call. Nevertheless, we are excited to see everyone virtually in November and look forward to what will certainly be a fun conference showcasing excellent work from the next generation of public administration scholars and practitioners.

Second, we are extending the deadline for submitting proposals for individual papers and panels. The new deadline will be September 22nd. We aim to have decisions out by early October. We will have registration pricing posted in the coming weeks and the registration portal will go live after the new submissions deadline passes.

Third, as you may have noticed, the conference email account has been non-responsive. Unfortunately, we have run into technical issues with the account and have gone in a different direction to avoid any future problems. Our new email address is and the website has been updated to reflect this change. On a related note, if you submitted a proposal before August 18th, please resubmit using the submissions portal. The suspension of the Google account means we have lost access to the early submissions. Thankfully, this only affects a small set of people, but we want to be sure your submission is included in the conference! We apologize in advance for any headaches or confusions caused by this. These are simply the small, unanticipated, and inevitable bumps along the road to what we think will be an otherwise excellent conference.

Keep an eye on the website. We will be posting announcements and conference information more frequently in the lead up to the conference. Stay safe everyone and be in touch soon!

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